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"Do Well at Everything--The ASL program is competitive and will become even more competitive in the future. As an applicant for a graduate fellowship, you must continue with and improve upon your good academic record´┐Ż"
-2004-05 ASL Fellow
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The Anna Sobol Levy (ASL) Foundation provides fellowships for U.S. citizens who are college graduates to study at the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The amount of the fellowship is $18,000 for fellowship recipients who enroll in the one-year M.A. program in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and $12,000 for all others.

Recipients of ASL fellowships participate in special activities including briefings and visits to Israeli military bases. Fellows may select from a wide variety of courses and are entitled to a private tutorial with a Hebrew University faculty member.

Many ASL Fellows have been new college graduates from ROTC programs or military colleges. Others have been civilian college graduates with backgrounds in international relations, political science, or similar fields.

The purpose of this fellowship is to provide future U.S. leaders considering military or government service an opportunity to learn first-hand about Middle-East regional politics, culture, ans security affairs and to study foreign languages. Fellows gain direct exposure to Israel's unusually challenging defense and security situation and to Israel's approaches to counter-terrorism and low-intensity conflict.