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"Both I and all my ROTC professors believe that the experience here will benefit the Army and the country. Any newspaper can show you why that is the case."
-2005-06 ASL Fellow
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Undergraduate Colleges of Past Anna Sobol Levy Fellows

ASL fellows participate in a series of special activities. The activities are arranged and led by the ASL Program Coordinator. One meeting each month typically involves interaction with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The activities generally consist of two events per month; one discussion meeting and one field trip. The field trip often should involve interactions with the IDF or the Israeli intelligence and security agencies. Examples of the field trips include the following:

I. Orientation tour involving a discussion of the regional security situation,
II. Visit to an army base at which a combat unit is stationed (get brief history of the IDF during ride to base),
III. Visit to an air force base involving UAV activities,
IV. Visit to a navy base,
V. Battlefield walk ("staff ride" learning experience),
VI. Visit to the security fence and a checkpoint to learn operations/procedures,
VII. Visit to the northern border area with two officers who fought on the terrain in two different battles,
VIII. Familiarization training with IDF small arms and tour of officer training program,
IX. Visit to the Latrun military museum to learn about combined arms operations,
X. Visit to the West Bank to learn about the Palestinian situation and point of view, and
XI. Meeting with officers and soldiers involved with Israel's equivalent of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security to discuss internal (non-border) security operations.

Each class of Fellows is expected to prepare a report containing text and pictures describing their activities, with particular emphasis on the field trips. The Foundation intends to post those reports on this website. View the reports.