About The Foundation and The Fellowships

Capt. Jerome E. Levy established the Foundation in 1986 to honor the memory of his beloved mother.

The Foundation provides fellowships for U.S. college graduates to study in Israel. An eligible candidate must be a U.S. citizen under age 30 at the time of application and should have studied in the fields of military studies, economic geography, international relations, political science, or history. In addition, he or she must have career goals in the U.S. armed services; the U.S. intelligence and homeland security services; or in the U.S. diplomatic corps. The Foundation strongly favors graduates of ROTC programs or military colleges in awarding the fellowships.

Capt. Levy envisioned that the ASL fellowships could enhance and strengthen the unique relationship between the United States and Israel by establishing genuine understanding and communication between future leaders of the two countries. Capt. Levy served as chairman and treasurer of the Foundation until his death on 5 April 2002.

Golan Heights Trip: June 2010. Fellows explored the history of the region beginning with pre-historic times, moving through the Temple Periods up to the wars of 1948, the Six Day War in 1967, and of course the 1973 Yom Kippur War in which the Golan witnessed one of the most intense tank battles in Israeli history.

Why Israel dominates in Cyber Security

A regional power devoted to ensuring its own survival, Israel has burgeoned into a high tech epicenter built around Internet security, anti-virus software, and other cyber defense technologies. Much of this is an extension of its self-reliance, and the added fact that since the creation of modern Israel, the nation has faced enemies on its borders. “The challenging environment Israel faces in the Middle East in the physical world has reflections also on the cyber world,” says Dudu Mimran, CTO of the Cyber Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University, located in Beer Sheva, Israel. “Security is a subject that can be taught theoretically, but nothing is a substitute for a real hands-on experience and we’ve got lots of it.” READ STORY

Success Story

Robert Tomes

A consultant and an adjunct professor of security studies at Georgetown University, Robert served as an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve and was an ASL Fellow in the 1994-95 academic year. He was a senior manager at the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a defense analyst at the RAND Corporation and an executive at BAE Systems. He is the author of "US Defense Strategy from Vietnam to Operation Iraqi Freedom" (Routledge 2007) and numerous articles in national security journals and peer reviewed conference papers. Dr. Tomes is also the president of Liminal Leadership, LLC and a co-founder of the MapStory Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to mapping the world's human terrain to improve regional security and stability.