Annual Student Reports

The ASL Fellowship program is now in its 18th year. We are proud to say that 100 Fellows have completed the program to date and that, to a one, they have gone onto great things. We like to think that we are at least partially responsible for shaping these lives and inspiring them to go out and make a difference in our world. The links below serve as a snapshot of each class' memorable time in Isreal and their time together.

The work we do matters.

"America's leadership and national security rest on our commitment to educate and prepare our youth for active engagement in the international community."
-President of the United States of America, George W. Bush

All Work and No Play


Menachem Begin Park in Tel Aviv (also called Darom Park) offers wakeboarding and waterskiing with a cable system, rather than motor boats, for pulling the participants. The facility serves water-skiers and wakeboarders of all skill levels and has hosted top-level, international wakeboarding competitions.