Welcome to the IDC — The new Home of The Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship Experience

Professor Uriel Reichman founded the IDC in 1994 as Israel’s first private university. The IDC is modeled on Ivy League institutions in the U.S. It is a non-profit corporate entity and does not receive subsidies from the State of Israel. The IDC is the home of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and the Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS).

The Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS) was established to allow students from around the world to benefit from the excellent academic programs at the IDC by offering several of those programs in English. The RRIS, in collaboration with the ICT, offers a one-year M.A. program in government with a specialization in counter-terrorism and homeland security studies. The RRIS also offers a one-year M.A. program in government with a specialization in diplomacy and conflict studies.

Various faculty and staff of the IDC and the RRIS have served as field-grade officers or general officers in the Israel Defense Forces. The IDC understands and supports the Foundation’s goals and is committed to making the Fellowship program a success.

"Both I and all my ROTC professors believe that the experience here will benefit the Army and the country. Any newspaper can show you why that is the case."
-2005-06 ASL Fellow

A lesson in security

No country in the world faces more terrorist threats than Israel, and no airport in the world faces more such threats than Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport. The Israelis have of course been the gold standard for establishing and maintaining security in all its forms. Much of the airport's security protocol is achieved through a combination of comprehensive due diligence, common sense, and consistency -- which, one would think would be the objective of airport authorities throughout the world. Yet very few other airports have achieved the level of security that exists at Ben Gurion. READ MORE

An outlook rooted in the concepts of “freedom and responsibility”

IDC Herzliya is a dream realized: an academic institution that changed the face of higher education in Israel and became a successful, pioneering model and a source of inspiration. Founded by renowned Israeli Professor Uriel Reichman in 1994, IDC Herzliya is a non-profit organization modeled after Ivy League universities in the U.S. In the twenty years since its establishment, IDC Herzliya’s success has drawn both international recognition and some of the finest lecturers and researchers from around the world to our doorstep.